1965 Ford Mustang Fastback "The Silver Fox"

If there was an award for the cleanest Mustang here at SEMA, then Lindsey Bradley’s 1965 Fastback would most certainly be in contention. Bradley says he originally started out building the car as a driver, using a barely running 6-cylinder example as a base, but like many projects it spiraled into a full blown show car. “I wanted to do a ’65 Mustang the way it might have been hand-built if it were a very small production European car,” Bradley tells us, and it’s obvious from the details. The bodywork has been subtly changed from the shaved door handles to the integrated rear body panels to the ’65 Shelby hood and front fascia. Bradley tells us that the underside of the car is just as clean as the top. The interior is full of cool details as well, from the custom console, headliner seats and touchscreen navigation system.

Our favorite part of the car, nicknamed the “The Silver Fox”, is under the hood. Bradley replaced the tired 6-cylinder engine with a Ford Racing Boss 302 block and added AFR 185 heads, a FAST computer controller and stunning fuel injected intake system from Imagine Injection. The engine bay has the same clean look as the rest of the car, with all of the engine lines running through the passenger fender. A few other features include a suspension system from Chassisworks, Foose wheels and Wilwood disc brakes.

Perhaps what’s most impressive is that Bradley is a simple hobbyist and built the car with the help from his friends in his local Mustang club in Texas. It took three years to complete the car, with SEMA being the first time it’s been shown to the public. “I’m really proud of the car,” Bradley tells us. “It’s got a great reception here.”

You can see Lindsey Bradley’s 1965 Mustang Fastback in detail in the gallery below.

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