Ford Racing Boss 302S Wheel part # M-1007-R1895

Earlier this year Ford Racing Performance Parts made available the standard 19-inch wheels found on the Boss 302S race car. Many of the Boss 302S race cars (including Paul Brown’s championship-winning Boss 302S) run a BBS 18-inch wheel, though, and now Ford Racing has made them available for sale as well. Part # M-1007-R1895, the 18 x 9.5 inch wheel fits both the front and rear and features a 5-lug, 4.5-inch bolt circle with 7.2-inch backspacing. A .25-inch spacer is required at the front to clear front Brembo brakes. Ford Racing says that the wheels are legal for use in the NASA American Iron race class. As you might expect, these lightweight wheels are significantly more expensive than the standard units. Ford Racing lists retail pricing at $695.00 each.

Ford Racing Boss 302S Wheel Features:

  • Boss 302S Wheel legal for NASA American Iron Class
  • 18″ x 9.5″ size
  • Fits front and rear (requires 0.25″ spacer at front to clear race brakes)
  • 5/8″ wheel studs required
  • 5-lug, 4.5″ bolt circle
  • 7.2″ backspacing

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