A few years back the guys over at Mustangs Plus commissioned a great project to recreate a Bullitt Mustang using one of the then new Dynacorn bodies. Working with Dynacorn and The Restomod Shop they managed to finish the project to an amazing standard and produce a great recreation clip of the chase scene from the movie. Check it out after the jump

With the introduction of the Dynacorn bodies enthusiasts now have access to the vintage cars that spark so many childhood memories. And with just about every original part now available the only limitation seems to be ones bank account.

What makes this project really interesting is not only the amount of detail they have on their site but also that they went on to produce the below video clip. A really cool remake of the original chase scene.

Yet again another great Bullitt recreation has ignited my thirst for my very own Bullitt Mustang.

Check out the MustangsPlus site and also the video below.

bullitt_mustangsplus_cover before_assembly_1 before_assembly_2 before_assembly_3 before_assembly_4 before_assembly_5 bullitt_1 bullitt_3 bullitt_5 bullitt_7 bullitt_8 bullitt_9 bullitt_10 bullitt_11 bullitt_12 bullitt_13 bullitt_15 bullitt_16 bullitt_17 bullitt_19 bullitt_20 bullitt_21 bullitt_22 bullitt_23 bullitt_24 bullitt_27 bullitt_28 bullitt_30 bullitt_31 bullitt_32 bullitt_33 bullitt_34 bullitt_35 bullitt_36 bullitt_37 bullitt_38 bullitt_39 bullitt_40 bullitt_41 bullitt_42 bullitt_43 bullitt_44 bullitt_45 bullitt_46 bullitt_47 bullitt_48 bullitt_49 bullitt_50 bullitt_51 bullitt_52 bullitt_53 bullitt_54 bullitt_55 bullitt_56 bullitt_57 bullitt_58 bullitt_59 bullitt_60 bullitt_61 bullitt_62 bullitt_63 bullitt_64 bullitt_65 bullitt_66 bullitt_67 bullitt_68 bullitt_69 bullitt_70 bullitt_71 bullitt_72 bullitt_73 bullitt_74 bullitt_75 bullitt_76 bullitt_77 bullitt_78 bullitt_79 bullitt_80 bullitt_81 bullitt_82 bullitt_83 bullitt_84 bullitt_85 bullitt_86 bullitt_87 bullitt_88 bullitt_89 bullitt_90 bullitt_91 bullitt_92 bullitt_93 bullitt_94 bullitt_95 bullitt_96 bullitt_97 bullitt_98 bullitt_99 bullitt_100

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