2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302

Of all the 2013 Mustangs unveiled this week in Los Angeles the Boss 302 is perhaps the most similar to the previous year’s model. That’s not to say we’re disappointed with the car. After all, it’s still probably our favorite of the entire Mustang lineup.

The Boss 302 did get a few updates for 2013, however. Both the standard model and Laguna Seca version are now available in new color schemes (the color you see here is School Bus Yellow as a tribute to Parnelli Jones’ Trans-Am championship winning race car), and the graphics have been revised to reflect the 1970 Boss 302. The front end also receives the same styling update as the standard Mustang GT, functional vents have been added to the hood, the rocker panels are now body-colored, and the rear end has been changed with new LED taillights.

In case you haven’t had your fill of 2013 Mustang photos quite yet, we’ve uploaded a detailed set of images of the Boss 302 on the show floor of the L.A. Auto Show. You can see the car in detail in the gallery below.

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