2013 Ford Mustang California Special

Over the last several days we’ve brought you dozens of photos of the 2013 Mustang, from the standard GT and V6 to the Boss 302 to the Shelby GT500. We’re always up for more pictures, though, so we were happy to see that Ford has posted some new images of the California Special and V6 Pony Package Mustangs on the official Mustang page. We’re glad to see Ford continuing these two models for next year, as they were a nice option for those who didn’t want the standard Mustang V6 or GT.

While Ford hasn’t released actual details on these two cars, it looks like the packages will be fairly similar to the ones offered in 2012. The 2013 California Special package will include a unique front grille, side scoops, pedestal rear wing and a new rear diffuser and mostly like special interior trim. One of the photos also shows black stripes on the hood and side of the car. The V6 Pony Package will offer chrome trim around the grille and fog lights, unique 18-inch wheels and a new rear spoiler.

You can see photos of both cars in the gallery below.

2013 Ford Mustang GT California Special 2013 Ford Mustang California Special 2013-mustang-cs-03 2013-mustang-cs-04 2013-mustang-cs-05 mustang-pony-package-2013-01 mustang-pony-package-2013-02 mustang-pony-package-2013-03 mustang-pony-package-2013-04 mustang-pony-package-2013-05 mustang-pony-package-2013-06

[Source: Ford]

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