2013 Ford Mustang in Gotta Have It Green One of the many changes for the 2013 Mustang is the availability of new color options. We’ve posted plenty of images of the 2013 Boss 302 in the new School Bus Yellow including both the official photos from Ford as well as our own shots from the L.A. Auto Show, but many Mustang fans have been very curious about another one of the new hues – Gotta Have It Green – ever since it was leaked that the color would be offered for 2013. While Ford hasn’t released any official photos of the 2013 Mustang in this color yet, the sharp-eyed folks over at Boss302Forum.com spied a standard Mustang GT as well as a Boss 302 in the bright Green shade and have posted some photos online. While we’ll reserve our official judgment of the color until we see it in person, we’re still not sure what we think about Gotta Have It Green. It’s definitely more garish than Legend Lime that was offered in 2005, and it’s quite a bit different than the Grabber Green that was an option on the 1970 Boss 302. You can see the spy photos of the 2013 Mustang and Boss 302 in Gotta Have It Green in the gallery below, and be sure to tell us what you think of the color in the comments section. 2013 Ford Mustang in Gotta Have It Green 2013-mustang-gotta-have-it-green-02 2013 Ford Mustang in Gotta Have It Green 2013-mustang-gotta-have-it-green-04 [Source: Boss302Forum.com]

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