Your Ford Mustang may be a sleek and stylish pony car, but it is still an entry-level sports car and doesn’t have the exterior body pieces or outward designs that make so many luxury class sports cars so enticing (and so expensive).  If you want to amplify the already positive attributes of your Mustang’s exterior and cap it off with some aesthetic upgrades, you’re certain to end up with a hardtop or convertible that looks more luxury class than entry-level.  Consider the following three upgrades for your Mustang’s appearance, and perhaps one or more will work perfectly on your vehicle.


The front grille on your Mustang is quite pronounced if you have a model from Ford’s most recent generation of this particular nameplate.  For that reason, it is even more of a visual focal point at the front of the car than on most other similar vehicles, meaning that if it’s dented, damaged, or scraped up, your car will pay an especially heavy price for it.  Fortunately, by replacing a dated stock grille with a stainless steel version or another classy type, you can bring that gloss and shine back to the front of your Mustang with ease.  If you pair it with a similar set of new rims, you’re sure to make a positive impression with your whole car’s exterior.


Headlights may not seem nearly as important as the doors, hood, or rims, but they’re certainly worth taking a look at.  At dawn, dusk, or the dead of night, headlights are what are most noticeable about a vehicle, including your Mustang.  By installing a Mustang HID kit, you can get color-customized headlights for your pony car.  Whether you want purple, blue, or piercing white headlight hues, you can get them using a Mustang HID kit.  Just be sure you’re ready to put in an hour or two of work to complete installation of these customized headlight upgrades.


Bored of typical horizontally opening doors?  If so, you can always switch it up and use a Mustang vertical door kit.  Vertical doors glide open and look incredibly sleek, and allow for a look usually only high-end sports cars have.  If you want to make your Mustang look more like a Lamborghini, vertical doors are the way to go.

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