2012 Shelby GTS Earlier this year Shelby debuted the new GTS Mustang at the New York Auto Show. Designed for those on a budget, the GTS offered a better bang-for-the-buck than the GT350 and could be purchased with either the 3.7L V6 or the 5.0L V8. Standard features include a Shelby front fascia, fiberglass deep-draw hood, Ford Racing handling pack, Borla exhaust system and more. Shelby lists the base package price of the GTS at just $9,995, so it’s possible for Mustang fans to have a brand new Shelby in their garage for just a little over $30,000. Of course, Shelby has plenty of options for the GTS as well in case you want more performance including supercharger systems for both the V6 and the V8, upgraded wheels tires and brakes and a beefier suspension. Shelby began production of the 2012 GTS a few months ago (no word yet on whether they’ll be offering a 2013 model, although we’d be surprised if they didn’t), and we managed to get our hands on one of the prototypes for an extensive photoshoot. You can see every detail of the car in our gallery below. 2012 Shelby GTS 2012-shelby-gts-02 2012-shelby-gts-03 2012-shelby-gts-04 2012-shelby-gts-05 2012-shelby-gts-06 2012-shelby-gts-07 2012-shelby-gts-08 2012-shelby-gts-09 2012-shelby-gts-10 2012-shelby-gts-11 2012-shelby-gts-12 2012-shelby-gts-13 2012-shelby-gts-14 2012-shelby-gts-15 2012-shelby-gts-16 2012-shelby-gts-17 2012-shelby-gts-18 2012-shelby-gts-19 2012-shelby-gts-20 2012-shelby-gts-21 2012-shelby-gts-22 2012-shelby-gts-23 2012-shelby-gts-24 2012-shelby-gts-25 2012-shelby-gts-26 2012-shelby-gts-27 2012-shelby-gts-28 2012-shelby-gts-29 2012-shelby-gts-30 2012-shelby-gts-31 2012-shelby-gts-32 2012-shelby-gts-33 2012-shelby-gts-34 2012-shelby-gts-35 2012-shelby-gts-36 2012-shelby-gts-37 2012-shelby-gts-38 2012-shelby-gts-39 2012-shelby-gts-40 2012-shelby-gts-41 2012-shelby-gts-42 2012-shelby-gts-43 Photos © 2011 MustangsDaily.com

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