Shelby GT350 Anniversary Edition

Today Shelby unveiled their new Anniversary Edition Mustang lineup at the Detroit Auto Show, and we’re proud to bring you live photos of the cars directly from the show floor. First up is the GT350, featuring the black/gold paint combination with matte black Cragar wheels. The car also features a Ford Racing supercharger system under the hood, as well as Baer brakes, a custom 50th anniversary interior and a unique VIN. Package pricing for the Shelby GT350 Anniversary starts at $59,995 (not including the base Mustang GT), and only 100 will be produced.

You can see our live photos of the Shelby GT350 Anniversary Edition in the gallery below.

Shelby GT350 Anniversary Edition 02-shelby-gt350-anniversary-edition 03-shelby-gt350-anniversary-edition 04-shelby-gt350-anniversary-edition 05-shelby-gt350-anniversary-edition 06-shelby-gt350-anniversary-edition 07-shelby-gt350-anniversary-edition 08-shelby-gt350-anniversary-edition 09-shelby-gt350-anniversary-edition 10-shelby-gt350-anniversary-edition 11-shelby-gt350-anniversary-edition 12-shelby-gt350-anniversary-edition 13-shelby-gt350-anniversary-edition 14-shelby-gt350-anniversary-edition 15-shelby-gt350-anniversary-edition 16-shelby-gt350-anniversary-edition 17-shelby-gt350-anniversary-edition 18-shelby-gt350-anniversary-edition 19-shelby-gt350-anniversary-edition

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