Shelby GT500 Super Snake Anniversary Edition

The Super Snake has been the flagship of the Shelby GT500 lineup for the last few years, and the Anniversary Edition that debuted at the Detroit Auto Show is the latest version of Carroll’s ultimate pony car. It promises to be one of the most exclusive as well, with Shelby building just 100, 50 in white/gold and 50 in black/gold to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the company. Each car also comes with matte black 20-inch Alcoa wheels, carbon fiber exterior trim, 6-piston front brakes and a custom interior. The price? The package will cost $59,995, not including the donor Shelby GT500.

We’ve already brought you the official photos of the Shelby GT500 Super Snake Anniversary Edition, but we’ve tracked the car down at the Detroit Auto Show and can bring you live images of the car. You can see them all in the gallery below.

Shelby GT500 Super Snake Anniversary Edition 02-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition 03-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition 04-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition 05-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition 06-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition 07-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition 08-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition 09-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition 10-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition 11-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition 12-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition 13-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition 14-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition 15-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition 16-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition 17-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition 18-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition

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