Shelby GTS Anniversary Edition

We’ve already brought you live photos of the Shelby GT500 Super Snake and Shelby GT350 Anniversary Editions, and now we have images of the Shelby GTS Anniversary Edition available for you straight from the show floor of the Detroit Auto Show. While the GT350 and Super Snake displayed the black/gold paint scheme of the Anniverary Edition package, the GTS shows off the white/gold combination matched with chrome 18-inch wheels. The GTS is the most affordable of the Anniversary Editions, retailing for $19,995 (not including the base car) for the V6 version, or $24,995 for the V8. Customers can load on a variety of other options, including upgraded brakes, suspension and more.

You can see our photos of the Shelby GTS Anniversary Edition in the gallery below, and let us know what you think of the white/gold paint scheme in the comments section below.

Shelby GTS Anniversary Edition 02-shelby-gts-anniversary-edition 03-shelby-gts-anniversary-edition 04-shelby-gts-anniversary-edition 05-shelby-gts-anniversary-edition 06-shelby-gts-anniversary-edition 07-shelby-gts-anniversary-edition 08-shelby-gts-anniversary-edition 09-shelby-gts-anniversary-edition 10-shelby-gts-anniversary-edition 11-shelby-gts-anniversary-edition 12-shelby-gts-anniversary-edition 13-shelby-gts-anniversary-edition 14-shelby-gts-anniversary-edition 15-shelby-gts-anniversary-edition

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