2013 Ford Mustang California Special

Ford previously released a few photos of the 2013 Mustang California Special, but the images were small and all but one showed the C/S without the black striping that is supposed to be featured on the car. Ford has now rectified that by releasing a few new images of the car, now in high resolution and all showing the black graphics in clear detail.

While Ford hasn’t officially released any information regarding the 2013 California Special, many of the special features can be easily seen in the photos. In addition to the black stripes on the hood and side of the car, the C/S package will also include unique 5-spoke wheels, a horizontal billet grille, fog lights in the lower front grille, side scoops, a pedestal rear wing and a unique rear diffuser. A unique interior trim will likely also be included.

We’ll bring you more details about the 2013 Mustang California Special as soon as we have them, but until then check out the new photos in the gallery below.

2013 Ford Mustang California Special 02-2013-mustang-california-special 03-2013-mustang-california-special

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