2013 Ford Mustang California Special

Ford has teased us for the last few months with a handful of images of the 2013 Mustang California Special, not showing the car at any auto shows or releasing any details. While we still don’t have much information on the car, we do finally have more pictures as Ford brought a California Special out to Barrett-Jackson this week for its first public showing.

Looking at the car up close, the 2013 C/S has several nice touches including painted hood vents, a black billet grille, and the graphics on the hood and side of the car have a neat perforated look. We also noticed for the first time that the front spoiler is slightly more aggressive than the standard GT. Out back is a different rear fascia and the pedastal rear wing from the Boss 302 Laguna Seca. We also got the chance to look inside, which revealed leather seats embossed with the GT/CS logo and trimmed with Alcantara and white stitching. Like the previous California Special, the dash is also unique featuring a faux carbon fiber pattern.

You can check out our photos of the 2013 Mustang California Special in the gallery below.

2013 Ford Mustang California Special 02-2013-ford-mustang-california-special 03-2013-ford-mustang-california-special 04-2013-ford-mustang-california-special 05-2013-ford-mustang-california-special 06-2013-ford-mustang-california-special 07-2013-ford-mustang-california-special 08-2013-ford-mustang-california-special 09-2013-ford-mustang-california-special 10-2013-ford-mustang-california-special 11-2013-ford-mustang-california-special 12-2013-ford-mustang-california-special 13-2013-ford-mustang-california-special 14-2013-ford-mustang-california-special 15-2013-ford-mustang-california-special 16-2013-ford-mustang-california-special 17-2013-ford-mustang-california-special 18-2013-ford-mustang-california-special 19-2013-ford-mustang-california-special 20-2013-ford-mustang-california-special

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