Shelby GT500 Super Snake Anniversary Edition

At the North American International Auto Show in Detroit earlier this month Shelby unveiled a series of Anniversary Edition Mustangs. Available on the GT350, GTS and GT500 Super Snake, these cars were built to celebrate Shelby’s 50th anniversary and feature special paint – either white or black with gold stripes – as well as special badging and interiors. Just 100 will be built of each car, making them instant collector cars.

While we showed you plenty of pictures of all three cars in Detroit, Shelby has a GT500 Super Snake Anniversary Edition on display at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t share some more photos with you. You can check the car out in detail in the gallery below.

Shelby GT500 Super Snake Anniversary Edition 02-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition-bj 03-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition-bj 04-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition-bj 05-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition-bj 06-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition-bj 07-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition-bj 08-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition-bj 09-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition-bj 10-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition-bj 11-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition-bj 12-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition-bj 13-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition-bj 14-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition-bj 15-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition-bj 16-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition-bj 17-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition-bj 18-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition-bj 19-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition-bj 20-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition-bj 21-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition-bj 22-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition-bj 23-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition-bj 24-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition-bj 25-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition-bj 26-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition-bj 27-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition-bj 28-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition-bj 29-shelby-super-snake-anniv-edition-bj

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