Alice Cooper's 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback

The fact that Alice Cooper owned this Mustang doesn’t really do anything for us, but we can really appreciate the fact that it’s a very clean 1965 Fastback. Just under 36,000 miles are on the odometer and was used by the rock star to occasionally go to dinner or to the golf course. In the end, the $51,700 price tag (after auction fees) is a pretty decent bargain for such a clean, low mileage Mustang. Plus, the new owners gets a set of golf clubs and a signed guitar.

Summary: This is a special opportunity to own Alice Cooper’s Mustang with only 35,915 original miles. A great golf course car. The trunk fits Alice’s golf clubs well.

Details: Here is an opportunity to own Alice Cooper’s 1965 Ford Mustang fastback with 35,915 original miles. Alice used this car for the Golf courses, going to the mall and dinner from time to time. We will include a set of Calloway golf clubs for the new owner of the car.

Gavel Price: $47,000

Final Selling Price: $51,700

Alice Cooper's 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback 02-1965-mustang-fastback-alice-cooper 03-1965-mustang-fastback-alice-cooper 04-1965-mustang-fastback-alice-cooper 05-1965-mustang-fastback-alice-cooper 06-1965-mustang-fastback-alice-cooper 07-1965-mustang-fastback-alice-cooper 08-1965-mustang-fastback-alice-cooper 09-1965-mustang-fastback-alice-cooper 10-1965-mustang-fastback-alice-cooper

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