1967 Ford Mustang Fastback Custom

This 1967 Fastback is likely the nicest restomod Mustangs here at Barrett-Jackson. Under the hood is a supercharged Shelby 428ci V8 with 763 horsepower mated to a 5-speed transmission. All of the body panels have been fabricated out of steel, and the interior is finished in custom leather. The car has just 95 miles since it was built and is in perfect condition? The price? More than a 1/4 of a million dollars.

Summary: Professionally built with numerous body modifications, all done in steel. Powered by a supercharged 763hp V8 with a 5-speed transmission, custom leather interior, side exhaust and 4-wheel Wilwood disc brakes. From the Jimmy Richardson Collection.

Details: Another truly impressive Resto-Mod from the Jimmy Richardson Collection and Big Pop’s Garage. Impressed with the styling of the Eleanor Mustang Jimmy wanted something different an over-the-top. His thought, what if all of the body modifications were steel and made to be an integral part of the body. Working with two shops Jimmy was able to turn this thought into reality. Hence the BAD ASS Mustang was born. This car is truly spectacular. It is unique in its construction and styling and is a one-of-a-kind Mustang. Not only different by the drivetrain but also dimensionally and geometrically different. The front fenders and hood have been extended. The workmanship leaves nothing to be desired and is truly first class. With over 3,000 man hours spent during the build process, the investment of time shows and shows well. The engine is a Shelby aluminum block displacing 428cid with Edelbrock aluminum Stage 3 heads and topped off with a Vortech supercharger built by Keith Craft. The engine peaks at 763hp and 747lb/ft of torque. Other top name products include Wilwood 4-wheel disc brakes, Schott custom aluminum 3-piece wheels and every emblem is custom made. Finished in 2008 Shelby Super Snake Red with simulated bare metal stripes, this car truly stands out. Only 95 miles on the build. From the Jimmy Richardson Collection.

Gavel Price: $250,000

Final Selling Price: $275,000

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