1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 in Grabber Green

This is the second 1970 Mustang Boss 429 up for auction at Barrett-Jackson this weekend, with the first being a pristine Grabber Blue example. This car is just as nice, and its $220,000 price tag is evidence of that. The car has been professionally restored and is numbers-matching with all of its original parts.

Summary: Professionally restored with original parts with all numbers matching, dash plate, engine and transmission are correct. KK#2535 Grabber Green and very rare fuel tank vapor emissions system.

Details: KK#2535, professional restoration. The car was stripped to bare metal and laser-straight lines created to give this BOSS a gorgeous smooth finish. It is difficult to find a BOSS 9 this complete with its original parts. Many of these cars were stripped by the owners of performance robbing extras, including smog pumps, small carburetors and exhaust systems. This is one of the cars that was left alone and driven by its owners with trunk mounted battery, vent caps, KK#, semi hemi aluminum head monster engine, rolled front fender edges for tire clearance and intimidating hood scoop. One of the most sought after muscle cars of all time.

Gavel Price: $200,000

Final Selling Price: $220,000

1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 in Grabber Green 02-1970-boss-429-gg-bj 03-1970-boss-429-gg-bj 04-1970-boss-429-gg-bj 05-1970-boss-429-gg-bj 06-1970-boss-429-gg-bj 07-1970-boss-429-gg-bj 08-1970-boss-429-gg-bj 09-1970-boss-429-gg-bj 10-1970-boss-429-gg-bj

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