2013 Ford Mustang Convertible in Deep Impact Blue

Those wanting to buy a new Mustang in blue may have had trouble the last six months or so, since the standard blue option – Kona Blue – has been in short supply due to the Japanese earthquake. The natural disaster caused a shortage of Xirallic pigment, which is used to make the color. Back in May Ford even considered re-introducing Sonic Blue, last offered in 2005, as a replacement.

That never happened, though, but now Ford has introduced a replacement color for 2013 – Deep Impact Blue. We saw this color at the 2013 Mustang’s debut in Los Angeles, but couldn’t really get a good look at it since the car was indoors. Thankfully Ford has brought another example out to Barrett-Jackson – a GT Convertible – giving us plenty of time to inspect the new blue. Fans of Sonic Blue will be happy to know it’s quite similar, although a little bit darker. Have a look at the color yourself in the gallery below, and let us know what you think of it in the comments section.

2013 Ford Mustang Convertible in Deep Impact Blue 02-2013-mustang-deep-impact-blue 03-2013-mustang-deep-impact-blue 04-2013-mustang-deep-impact-blue 05-2013-mustang-deep-impact-blue 06-2013-mustang-deep-impact-blue 07-2013-mustang-deep-impact-blue 08-2013-mustang-deep-impact-blue 09-2013-mustang-deep-impact-blue 10-2013-mustang-deep-impact-blue 11-2013-mustang-deep-impact-blue 12-2013-mustang-deep-impact-blue 13-2013-mustang-deep-impact-blue 14-2013-mustang-deep-impact-blue 15-2013-mustang-deep-impact-blue 16-2013-mustang-deep-impact-blue

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