That’s right. After years of posting, talking, gloating and crying Toby’s Eleanor project has finally been completed! The lucky guy took delivery from John just before Christmas and am delighted to say that all has gone well and Toby is over the moon.

For those who have been following this blog over the years you will know all to well the trials and tribulations we’ve had with Toby’s car. Many things have gone wrong and it’s been a long and very expensive road for Toby though from the emails I’ve been getting from him it sounds like it’s all been worth it.

Take a look at the history to see before and after progress.

The car features the wonderful original French made LeCarra 18 Rivett steering wheel and also worth noting is the rear reverse lights which have an amber lens. For those wanting to keep it white but still have that amber turn signal (required by law in some countries) don’t forget to check out MustangsProject.

Massive thanks to John, our builder, who spent years of his FREE TIME to put together an awesome vehicle. Unlike mass produced restorations this car was put together with love over many years.

I think the best quote from Toby was “Mate, this thing turns more heads than a Ferrari”

I’ll be back home to Australia in a matter of weeks and aim to meet up up grab some more photos and some videos. Stay tuned.

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