2013 Mustang SelectShift

For 2013 Ford has given the Mustang several new features along with the refreshed exterior design. One of those new features is the six-speed SelectShift automatic transmission that allows the driver to choose between fully automatic operation and manual control. Unlike some other transmissions, the SelectShift will not override a driver’s gear selection, allowing truly full control. The shifter also features a button on the side of the shifter and also has a more modern design.

Ford has several Mustangs on display here at the Chicago Auto Show, offering a good look at various models and option packages. One of the Mustangs featured the new SelectShift transmission, giving us our first look at the new shifter. Overall it’s undoubtedly its an improvement over the previous 6-speed automatic, and we love the leather and aluminum trim. Even so, we wish the manual shifting could be done using a different method, either via paddle shifter or by moving the entire shifter. Perhaps it’s something we can look forward to for 2015…

2013 Mustang SelectShift mustang-selectshift-02

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