1967 Shelby GT500 Barn Find

It’s getting harder to find classic cars tucked away in barns or deserted in a back lots, but determined collectors are still occasionally making incredible discoveries. One found recently is this 1967 Shelby GT500 that has been sitting outside in the desert in Death Valley, CA for the last 25 years. The car is still in fairly good condition considering what it’s been through, although the exterior, particularly the paint (or lack thereof) on the fiberglass panels, is worse for wear. BangShift.com, who went to go see the car at the shop where it’s being worked on, reports that the car still has its Shelby-specific items including the center driving lights, wooden steering wheel and all Shelby tags and badges.

So what does the new owner, a resident of Massachusetts, plan on doing with the car? BangShift.com says that he is getting the 428ci V8 running and will keep the exterior as-is.  We doubt that includes the vintage Firestone Wide Oval tires, as they’ll probably need to be replaced.

Check out photos of the 1967 Shelby GT500 time capsule in the gallery below, or head on over to BangShift.com to read more about the car.

02-1967-shelby-gt500-barn-find 03-1967-shelby-gt500-barn-find 04-1967-shelby-gt500-barn-find 05-1967-shelby-gt500-barn-find 06-1967-shelby-gt500-barn-find 07-1967-shelby-gt500-barn-find 08-1967-shelby-gt500-barn-find 09-1967-shelby-gt500-barn-find 10-1967-shelby-gt500-barn-find 11-1967-shelby-gt500-barn-find 12-1967-shelby-gt500-barn-find 13-1967-shelby-gt500-barn-find 14-1967-shelby-gt500-barn-find 15-1967-shelby-gt500-barn-find 16-1967-shelby-gt500-barn-find 17-1967-shelby-gt500-barn-find 18-1967-shelby-gt500-barn-find 19-1967-shelby-gt500-barn-find 1967 Shelby GT500 Barn Find 20-1967-shelby-gt500-barn-find 21-1967-shelby-gt500-barn-find 22-1967-shelby-gt500-barn-find 23-1967-shelby-gt500-barn-find

[Source: BangShift.com]

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