2012 Ford Mustang GT

The Ford Mustang started off 2012 in the right direction with sales up 18 percent in the month of January compared to the previous year (3,736 vs 3,165). That doesn’t hold a candle compared to February sales, though, with customers purchasing 7,351 Mustangs – the largest sales month for the Mustang for the last ten months. That number also represents a 96.8% increase compared to January 2012 and a 98.8% increase compared to February Mustang sales (3,697) of 2011. Year-to-date, Mustangs sales have improved 61.6%, 11,087 in 2012 compared to 6,862 in 2011.

Perhaps for bragging rights more than anything else, the Ford Mustang also surpassed the Camaro in sales for the first time since June of 2011. The Camaro managed just 6,923 sales, 428 units behind the Mustang.

For the last two years the Mustang has also posted an increase of sales in March compared to February, so hopefully Ford can continue the positive momentum throughout the first half of the year.

[Source: Ford]

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