1994 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra Indy Pace Car

1994 marked the beginning of a new body style for the Ford Mustang, and to mark the occasion Ford’s pony car was selected as the pace car for the Indy 500. As is customary, a limited number of replica pace cars were produced for collectors, one of which will be going up for auction later this month at Auction America’s Ford Lauderdale sale from March 16-18. This won’t be just any ordinary example, though, as this is possibly the most pristine 1994 Mustang SVT Cobra Pace Car in existence of the 1,000 produced. The car has a total of 24 miles are on the odometer and has been stored in a climate controlled garage since its delivery. Even more impressive, the Mustang hasn’t even been titled and comes with the Indy 500 pace car replica decals.

Here’s the official description of the car from Auctions America:

For 1994 the Ford Mustang underwent a redesign meant to address the shortcomings that had been found over time in the previous car’s vaunted Fox platform. The superior revamp caught the attention of the Indy 500 selection committee and the 94 Mustang made the cut to become the pace car.

Starting life as a convertible SVT Cobra, this Mustang would already rate among the rarest of 94 Mustangs. Adding the Pace Car edition to its pedigree only makes it that much more uncommon and desirable.

Furthermore, out of the one thousand Mustang pace cars assembled for 1994 this one surely stands out from all of the rest being that only 24 miles are registered on the odometer.

The condition of this Mustang cannot be overstated. Driving 24 miles in eighteen years combined with climate controlled storage has ensured that remains today just as it did when it was first delivered. Moreover, it is still under the original MSO and has never been titled. The limited edition pace car package combined with the outstanding equipment of a Cobra SVT convertible wrapped in such ultra-low mileage make this museum perfect piece a unique opportunity.

02-1994-mustang-cobra-pace-car 03-1994-mustang-cobra-pace-car 04-1994-mustang-cobra-pace-car 05-1994-mustang-cobra-pace-car 06-1994-mustang-cobra-pace-car 07-1994-mustang-cobra-pace-car 1994 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra Indy Pace Car

[Source: Auctions America]

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