Alcatraz Bullitt Chase Scene

The Ford Mustang has the honor of being involved with perhaps the most iconic chase scene in history, with Steve Mcqueen piloting a 1968 Mustang Fastback in the movie Bullitt. The chase scene has spawned various reenactments in different forms, although none can really capture the magic of the original.

That said, the Fox television series Alcatraz will be doing their very best effort to replicate the Bullitt chase in an upcoming episode. The show recently filmed various scenes of the chase in the streets of San Francisco using a brand new 2013 Mustang.

“We’re just trying to recreate every single shot and add some more -so a lot of sliding around the corners, a lot of getting close to things,” says stunt driver Jack Gill. “It’s really easy to drive around slow, but when they say come around it at 70 miles an hour,  it’s a little different.” said Gill.

“They knew exactly the streets we need to recreate the car chase, so we’re actually on some of the streets, which is fun,” says director Jack Bender.

The chase scene will be aired on the Alcatraz season finale on March 26th.

02-alcatraz-bullitt-chase-scene 03-alcatraz-bullitt-chase-scene 04-alcatraz-bullitt-chase-scene 05-alcatraz-bullitt-chase-scene 06-alcatraz-bullitt-chase-scene 07-alcatraz-bullitt-chase-scene 08-alcatraz-bullitt-chase-scene 09-alcatraz-bullitt-chase-scene Alcatraz Bullitt Chase Scene

[Source: KTVU, San Francisco Chronicle]

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