NMRA Terminator/GT500 Shootout

The NMRA is pleased to announce that VMP Tuning has stepped up to the plate to sponsor a special Terminator / GT500 Shootout at the NMRA Maryland event that will take place at Maryland Int’l Raceway the weekend of May 4-6, 2012.  The Terminator / GT500 Shootout will bring together some of the fastest Cobras and GT500s in the U.S. to compete in a heads-up winner take all format at the newest NMRA Keystone Automotive event on the schedule.  Some of the loudest smack-talk on the web is from the Terminator / GT500 community all talking about who has the fastest ride…well this shootout will decide it once and for all!

VMP Tuning, one of the leading tuners  of high performance Fords in the U.S. and manufacturer of VMP TVS superchargers, put up the cash for the Terminator / GT500 class:

Prizes will be the following:

  • $400 Win + Contingency + Acrylic Award
  • $200 R/U + Contingency + Plaque
  • $100 Semis
  • $50 Quarters

There are additional special features of the VMP Tuning Terminator / GT500 Shootout.  Posi Performance will give-away a custom supercharger port job to one lucky class participant – a $700 value.  There will also be special plaques for the fastest runs.  An award will be given away to each of the competitors who run closest to 9, 10, 11, and 12 seconds.

For Terminator / GT500 Shootout class rules or questions email or call 636 219-2674.  For more information on VMP Tuning please log on to www.VMPtuning.com.  For more information on the NMRA Maryland event log on to www.NMRAdigital.com/MD or call 714-444-2426.

[Source: NMRA]

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