Twin-Turbo 2011 Ford Mustang

The last time we checked in on this twin-turbo 2011 Mustang project being built in cooperation with Ken Bjonnes, Jon Lund and Jake Long, the car was making nearly 800 rear wheel horsepower on the dyno. Since then the trio have improved the car further, pushing the car to 955 rwhp and 867 rwtq from 21 psi. Everything is held together thanks to a longblock from L&M Engines and a Circle D torque converter, although amazingly the stock transmission and rear end are still in place.

With the car making nearly four digits on the dyno it was finally time for the twin-turbo project car to head out to the track for some real world testing. So how did it do? Last weekend at the NMRA Spring Break Shootout at Bradenton Motorsports Park the Mustang put down several runs on the drag strip and came away with a best time of 9.42 seconds @ 150 mph. That’s just a little more than half a second off the world record time for a Coyote-powered Mustang.

You can see two views of the run – both outside and in-car footage – in the videos below, or head over to to learn more about the project.

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