2013 Ford Mustang

We have tried to post as many photos of the 2013 Mustang as possible, whether it’s official press photos or our own photos at an auto show. We’ve even been on the lookout for photos of the new colors for 2013 or for images of specific models like the California Special. That’s why we’re happy to report that Ford has just released more than four dozen images of the 2013 Mustang. The new images show the new Mustang in quite a few configurations including the V6, GT and California Special models as well as just about every color offered. The new images also offer a closer look at some of the new wheel options as well as new views of the  interior and engine. Unfortunately there are no new Boss 302 or Shelby GT500 photos, but hopefully Ford is saving those for a later date.

Have a look at the new photos of the 2013 Mustang in the gallery below, and let us know which one is your favorite in the comments section.

02-2013-ford-mustang-new 03-2013-ford-mustang-new 04-2013-ford-mustang-new 05-2013-ford-mustang-new 06-2013-ford-mustang-new 07-2013-ford-mustang-new 08-2013-ford-mustang-new 09-2013-ford-mustang-new 10-2013-ford-mustang-new 11-2013-ford-mustang-new 12-2013-ford-mustang-new 13-2013-ford-mustang-new 14-2013-ford-mustang-new 15-2013-ford-mustang-new 16-2013-ford-mustang-new 17-2013-ford-mustang-new 18-2013-ford-mustang-new 19-2013-ford-mustang-new 20-2013-ford-mustang-new 2013 Ford Mustang 2013 Ford Mustang 2013 Ford Mustang 2013 Ford Mustang 2013 Ford Mustang 21-2013-ford-mustang-new 22-2013-ford-mustang-new 23-2013-ford-mustang-new 24-2013-ford-mustang-new 25-2013-ford-mustang-new 26-2013-ford-mustang-new 27-2013-ford-mustang-new 28-2013-ford-mustang-new 29-2013-ford-mustang-new 30-2013-ford-mustang-new 31-2013-ford-mustang-new 36-2013-ford-mustang-new 37-2013-ford-mustang-new 38-2013-ford-mustang-new 39-2013-ford-mustang-new 40-2013-ford-mustang-new 41-2013-ford-mustang-new 42-2013-ford-mustang-new 43-2013-ford-mustang-new 44-2013-ford-mustang-new 45-2013-ford-mustang-new 46-2013-ford-mustang-new 47-2013-ford-mustang-new 48-2013-ford-mustang-new 49-2013-ford-mustang-new 50-2013-ford-mustang-new

[Source: Ford]

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