JPC Racing Supercharged 2011 Ford Mustang

The last time we checked in with the guys over at JPC Racing they had their 2011 Mustang drag car packing quite a punch with 847 rwhp. With the Paxton supercharger turned up to more than 16 psi of boost and a Zex nitrous system adding even more motivation the Mustang was good enough for a high nine second 1/4 mile pass back in late 2010.

The team at JPC Racing aren’t finished with the Mustang yet, though, and recently upgraded the Coyote 5.0L V8 for even more horsepower. After getting an increase in boost to 20.5 psi and strapping into the dyno, the car put out an incredible 1,302 rwhp and close to 840 rwtq. Amazingly, the Mustang still has the stock camshafts and stock intake manifold, although JPC has fitted the car with their Stage 1 heads and exhaust system.

You can see a video of the dyno run below, and be sure to turn up your speakers (assuming you’re in an appropriate place to do so).

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