2013 Ford Mustang Track Apps

With the media launch of the 2013 Mustang this last week Ford has released a new video detailing how the new Track Apps work with the car. Jeff Seaman, the Mustang’s lead powertrain engineer, shows demonstrates how the 2013 Mustang can provide a variety of performance metrics to the driver via a new 4.2-inch LCD screen mounted in between the speedometer and tachometer – something that normally requires hundreds of dollars of equipment. Driving a new Gotta Have It Green Boss 302, he tests out the acceleration timer, which can track everything from 0-60 mph times to a 1/4 mile run, the accelerometer than reads g-forces, and the braking performance meter that shows just how fast the Mustang’s brakes can pull the car down to a stop.

Have a look at the 2013 Mustang’s Track Apps for yourself in the video below.

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