2013 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Production

With testing finally complete, the production of the 2013 Mustang Cobra Jet has officially begun with each of the 50 limited edition turn-key racecars now undergoing their first stage of construction at one of Ford Racing’s suppliers. At this stage unnecessary components are removed to save weight and a 4130 chrome-moly, 8.5-ET certified roll cage fitted. Afterwards, each of the Cobra Jets will head over to the AutoAlliance International plant where they will be fitted with one of the two new Cobra Jet engines and complete final assembly alongside the production Mustang line.

Ford Racing has been kind enough to provide an inside look at this point of the production process and has posted new photos of the 2013 Cobra Jets beginning their new lives. You can see the new pictures in the gallery below.

02-2013-cobra-jet-production 03-2013-cobra-jet-production 04-2013-cobra-jet-production 05-2013-cobra-jet-production 06-2013-cobra-jet-production 07-2013-cobra-jet-production 08-2013-cobra-jet-production 09-2013-cobra-jet-production 10-2013-cobra-jet-production 11-2013-cobra-jet-production 12-2013-cobra-jet-production 13-2013-cobra-jet-production 14-2013-cobra-jet-production 15-2013-cobra-jet-production 16-2013-cobra-jet-production 17-2013-cobra-jet-production 18-2013-cobra-jet-production 19-2013-cobra-jet-production 20-2013-cobra-jet-production 2013 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Production 21-2013-cobra-jet-production 22-2013-cobra-jet-production 23-2013-cobra-jet-production 24-2013-cobra-jet-production 25-2013-cobra-jet-production 26-2013-cobra-jet-production 27-2013-cobra-jet-production 28-2013-cobra-jet-production 29-2013-cobra-jet-production 30-2013-cobra-jet-production 31-2013-cobra-jet-production 32-2013-cobra-jet-production 33-2013-cobra-jet-production 34-2013-cobra-jet-production 35-2013-cobra-jet-production

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