It’s not everyday you see a software company building a retromod Mustang but that’s just what Microsoft has done to help promote some of it’s consumer products. ‘Project Detroit’ as it has been called is a joint collaboration with West Coast Customs and Microsoft. The car is a customised 2012 Mustang with a 1967-style body. It’s packed full of technology including Windows Phone controls, Xbox 360 consoles, tablets, Kinect sensors and even a back window that can be used as a gaming sceen.

The car can be located, unlocked, and remotely started from a Nokia Windows Phone. The gauge cluster has been replaced with a touchscreen Windows tablet that can be swiped to change the look of the gauges. From a modern mustang to the vintage 1967 gauge cluster. Another tablet adorns the passenger-side dashboard. From there the passenger can surf the web or, send a tweet or play xbox games.

You can’t deny the car looks damn cool. Though some may say it is ridiculous and unnecessary it’s quite obvious the car was built to showcase Microsoft products and the ingenuity of both Microsoft and West Coast Custom teams.

The West Coast Customs episode featuring the build apparently aired on March 25th. I’ll be looking out for reruns!

© 2012, 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. All rights reserved.

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