2013 Ford Mustang with Pypes Exhaust System

One of our favorite aspects of the Mustang community is the shared love of the aftermarket. There are plenty of Mustang owners are ready to customize their vehicles well ahead of the expiration of the vehicle’s warranty, sometimes even the very day they purchase the car. Need proof? The 2013 Mustang has only just hit dealerships’ lots and one owner who recently took delivery of a Deep Impact Blue GT Premium has already added an axle-back exhaust system from Pypes.

Thankfully the lucky owner of this 2013 Mustang also recorded a video of his new exhaust system at work, so we get to listen to the sound coming from the stainless steel 4-inch exhaust tips as well. The video includes footage of the 5.0-liter V8 both at idle and revving, both of which are fantastic to hear. Turn up your speakers and have a listen for yourself by clicking the play button in the video below.

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