2013 Ford Racing Mustang Competition Kit

Mustang enthusiasts wanting to build their own drag or road racer have a choice: start with a body-in-white and add on the required parts or take a salvaged car and remove all unnecessary components. Now, thanks to Ford Racing, racers have another choice in the form of the 2013 Mustang Competition Kit, part #M-607100-K13.

Using a body-in-white as a base, the competition kit reduces build time for racers by providing many extras including all glass and weather stripping, headlights and taillights, front and rear fascias, dash, headliner, console, pillar trim, carpet and more.The kit also includes the engine cradle, front control arms, steering knuckles and steering column. Like the limited edition Cobra Jet, each 2013 Mustang Competition Kit is serialized for collectability.

Pricing for the 2013 Mustang Competition Kit is listed at $11,995.00.

2013 Mustang Competition Kit Features:

  • Body-in-White with green e-coat, serialized for collectability
  • Built with no sound deadener or seam sealer…Save time and weight!
  • Kit includes engine cradle, front control arms and steering knuckles
  • Includes all body plugs

Exterior includes:

  • Hood, doors and decklid
  • Front and rear fascias with grills
  • Head lights and tail lights
  • All glass and weather stripping
  • Window motors and door handles with mechanisms

Interior includes:

  • Dash with cluster
  • A/B/C pillar trim
  • Door panels
  • Headliner
  • Console
  • Steering column (2013 wheel sold separately)
  • Carpet and sill plates

*All fasteners are included for parts listed above.

[Source: Ford Racing]

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