2012 Saleen White Label Mustang

It was only a few weeks ago that Steve Saleen announced he would once again be taking control of the Saleen brand, and already the company is making use of the familiar logo and branding. At the Fabulous Fords at Knott’s Berry Farm event this past weekend Saleen displayed their current 2012 Mustang lineup in their booth with new banners and badges to reflect the recent name change. The SMS name could still be seen on various places on the cars, although we fully expect the company will update their tooling for all future vehicles.

Currently Saleen offers three Mustang variants, starting with the base White Label ($35,540) that features basic modifications, the Yellow Label (45,540) that adds a supercharger system and 19-inch wheels and tires, and finally the Black Label ($48,000 naturally aspirated, $58,000 supercharged)) that gets a full body kit and interior upgrade.

For the future Saleen plans to revise their lineup with four new models based on the 2013 Mustang including the 302 4V, 302 SC, 302 SSC and 302 X.

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