and Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords magazine have teamed up for a new competition called Dyno Wars, pitting the most powerful Mustangs in the country against one another to see who makes the most horsepower. The rules are simple – “Run whatcha brung, and hope you brung enough!” Four of the events will be held throughout the country this year, the most recent happening a few weeks back at the American Muscle headquarters in Malvern, PA. The results are certainly impressive, with only one Mustang making less than 700 rwhp and the most powerful car – a turbocharged 2011 Mustang GT built by JPC Racing – netting over 900 rwhp. Combined the six Mustangs produced a total of nearly 5,000 horsepower.

American Muscle Dyno Wars Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Region:

    Dan Frayko – 2009 GT500 – Vortech 3.3L Supercharged – 689 HP
    Clinton Smith – 2011 Mustang GT – Built Motor w/ 76mm Turbo at 19PSI – 925 HP
    Chris Jurkowitsch – 2004 SVT Cobra – 324ci Motor w/ Whipple 3.4L Supercharger at 25PSI – 908 HP
    Anthony Bongiovanni – 2010 GT500 – Whipple 2.9L Supercharger w/ Super Cobra Jet Cams – 771 HP
    Chris Pilla – 2003 SVT Cobra – Built Motor w/ Whipple 3.4L Supercharger at 25PSI – 782 HP
    Mike Corrin – 92 Mustang LX – 331ci Motor w/ 88mm Precision Turbo at 27PSI – 894 HP

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