Kenny Brown Extreme Matrix Kit

Kenny Brown has teamed up with Heidts to introduce his popular Extreme Matrix Kit for owners of 1964 1/2 to 1970 Ford Mustangs. This new Kenny Brown Matrix system is an extension of the Extreme Matrix product group originally created for Fox and SN95 Mustang chassis, and one of Kenny Brown’s most popular products for over 20 years. Now owners of the early model or “Gen 1″ Mustangs will realize the same performance advantages of Brown’s innovative Extreme Matrix component design.

Functionally, the new Extreme Matrix Kit for Gen 1 Mustangs acts as a complete mid-frame system, adding substantial strengthening to the Mustang’s mid-chassis. The Extreme Matrix Kit consists of weld-in Heidts subframe connectors, Kenny Brown Jacking Rails that add both structural integrity and ease in jacking up the Mustang, and the Extreme Matrix Brace that joins the subframe connectors with the jacking rails forming multiple triangulations – engineering’s strongest design. The net result is a significantly more rigid floor pan and mid-section for these early Mustangs.

Benefits of the Kenny Brown Extreme Matrix Kit for the ’64 1/2 – ’70 Mustangs include:

  • Triangulates the Mustang’s unibody for superior chassis rigidity
  • Reduces squeaks and rattles
  • Improves ride quality, traction and handling
  • Prolongs the life of the chassis
  • Maximizes mid-pan strength
  • Light-weight, heavy-duty design
  • No loss of ground clearance

The Kenny Brown Extreme Matrix Kit or ’64 1/2 – ’70 Mustangs has an introductory price of $499 and is available now through both Kenny Brown and Heidts. Contact Kenny Brown Performance at 855-847-4477 or visit

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