World's Fastest 2011+ Ford Mustang V6

Despite having a more-than-respectable 305 horsepower and 280 lb-ft torque from the factory, V6-powered Mustangs don’t get quite as much respect as their V8 siblings. The aftermarket especially doesn’t give much love to the Mustang V6, with companies mainly producing parts for the 5.0L V8, and performance shops generally use the Mustang GT as their base for project cars. Even so, we can always appreciate when someone takes the performance plunge on two less cylinders.

Out of all companies ProCharger has led the V6 charge, producing a supercharger kit that boosts the 3.7L mill to more than 475 horsepower. We’ve seen the ProCharger  system prove its worth more than once, with one owner netting the first 12 second 1/4 mile, and American Muscle taking that one step further with the first 2011+ Mustang V6 in the 11s.

Now a new company, Central Florida Motorsports, has arrived on the scene and is pushing the boundaries of V6 performance thanks again to ProCharger power. After smashing the record for a 2011+ Mustang V6 back in March with a run of 11.28 seconds @ 119 mph back in March, the company’s supercharged Yellow Blaze project car improved on that further last week with a 11.20 @ 119 mph. That’s fast for any Mustang, regardless of cylinder count.

You can watch a video of the impressive run at the drag strip in the video below, and can keep up to date on CFM’s Mustang V6 project over at the car’s official Facebook page.

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    Video: World’s fastest 2011+ Mustang V6 does the quarter mile in 11.20 sec @ 119 mph | Mustang News

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