2013 Ford Mustang

For the first time this year the Ford Mustang failed to outpace sales from 2011, but overall demand of the pony car remains relatively strong thanks to demand of the new 2013 model. Customers purchased a total of 7,801 Mustangs in the month of April, a 13.8 percent decrease compared to last month (9,046 sales) and a four percent decrease compared to April of last year (8,180 sales). Even so, the Mustang is still on track to beat 2011′s numbers with overall sales for 2012 up 18.4 percent compared to this same time last year (27,934 vs 23,599).

Other Ford models maintained strong sales, with Fusion and Edge setting all-time April sales records and Explorer having best April sales since 2005.

You can see the Ford Mustang’s 2011 and 2012 sales numbers charted below.

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