MGW 2011+ Mustang Short-Throw Shifter

We’ve always been impressed with the short-throw shifters from MGW, so we’re happy to see that the company has finally released their new shifter for the 2011+ Mustang. From the look of the shifter it’s easy to guess why it took so long to develop, as MGW has completely redesigned both the upper and lower shift box as well as the rear support bracket, and a hardened stainless steel reverse lockout pin and a hardened lockout plate assembly replaces the plastic OEM pieces. The company says the shifter reduces overall throw by 25 percent, and internal centering springs allow for perfect 2-3 shifts under full load or during power shifting. The MGW kit also comes complete with a custom inner dust boot, sound pads, heat pads and all necessary hardware. Finally, several shift handles and knobs are available for a customized look.

Retail pricing for the MGW short-throw shifter is listed at $375.00

MGW 2011+ Mustang Short-Throw Shifter Features:

  • Internal centering springs for perfect 2-3 shifts even under full load and power shifting!!
  • Lower shifter box uses support bushings that give 300 percent more support to linkage arm!!
  • Complete kit comes with custom inner dust boot, sound pads, heat pads and hardware.
  • 25 percent throw reduction makes for a perfect compromise in shifter throw and shifter smoothness
  • Several handle options available for personalizing your shifter!!

[Source: MGW Ltd]

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