Ford Mustang Boss 302S

Things didn’t go as planed for the Ford Mustang teams at today’s SCCA World Challenge race at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in Monterey, CA. Three of the five Mustangs entered crashed out of the race including Tiger Racing’s Justin Bell who was in the points lead at the start of the day as well as Dane Moxlow who was running his first race of the season in a brand new Boss 302S. The other driver to crash out of the race was Brad Adams in the No. 96 Ford Mustang FR500C.

The only good news for the Mustang came from Capaldi Racing, where Aaron Povoledo finished in third place in the GTS class in the No. 26 Mustang Boss 302S. Povoledo managed to pass the RealTime Acura TSX of Nick Esayian on the last lap of the race earning him the final podium position.

Justin Bell’s crash means that he no longer has the points lead in the GTS category, which has been taken over by Peter Cunningham of the RealTime Acura team, and Ford now sits in second in the manufacturer’s championship, just a single point behind Acura. Thankfully, though, there are still four more races to go in the World Challenge season, giving the Mustang drivers plenty of time to catch up.

You can see our gallery of live photos of the Ford Mustangs in today’s SCCA World Challenge race in the gallery below.

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