2013 Roush SAE Stage 3 Mustang

Last night a one-off Mustang built by Roush Performance and Ford Racing was auctioned off at the SAE Foundation’s 25th anniversary celebration at Ford Field in Detroit, MI. The final bid for the car was $100,000, with the proceeds being donated to benefit the SAE Foundation’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education programs. The price tag is a relative bargain compared to other custom Mustangs that have recently been offered up for charity like the Blue Angels Mustang that sold for $400,000 at EAA AirVenure or the one-off School Bus Yellow 2012 Mustang Boss 302 that raised $300,000 for the Henry Ford Hospital last year.

“The evening was a testament to the industry-wide support for our STEM education programs,” said Matt Miller, director of the SAE Foundation and pre-professional programs.  “The support from companies like Ford, Roush and the dozens of others who are committed to improving the industry’s competitiveness will help us offer our programs to even more students in the future.”

The specially built Stage 3 Mustang features a custom silver paint job with blue and red graphics, a Roush tuned suspension, custom SVT GT500 track pack wheels, Roush custom body components and a customized Roush interior. Under the hood is an Aluminator long block from Ford Racing along with Roush’s TVS2300 supercharger system good for 625 horsepower and 540 lb-ft torque.

You can see photos of the one-off 2013 Roush Stage 3 Mustang below.

2013 Roush SAE Stage 3 Mustang 02-2013-roush-sae-mustang 03-2013-roush-sae-mustang 04-2013-roush-sae-mustang 05-2013-roush-sae-mustang 06-2013-roush-sae-mustang 07-2013-roush-sae-mustang 08-2013-roush-sae-mustang 09-2013-roush-sae-mustang 10-2013-roush-sae-mustang 11-2013-roush-sae-mustang 12-2013-roush-sae-mustang 13-2013-roush-sae-mustang 14-2013-roush-sae-mustang

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