When we first saw Creations n’ Chrome’s Boy Racer Mustang right before it debuted at SEMA, Gary Watson, the company’s founder, told us that it wasn’t just going to be a show car. While we don’t consider Watson to be untrustworthy, we had a hard time believing that he would risk ruining the chrome red paint job worth thousands of dollars. We should have believed him, though, as Watson had no hesitation putting his Mustang to the test. Earlier this month he took the car out to the Mojave Mile, an event in Southern California to see how fast cars can go in the standing mile.
So how fast can the Boy Racer Mustang go? After adding a few front modifications to improve the car’s aerodynamics, Watson took the Boy Racer out on the 12,000 foot runway and blasted past through the finish line at over 182 mph. Don’t believe us? Watson had the cameras rolling during the run, and has a video for proof. You can check it out below.

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