I am all about efficiency when it comes to my vehicles. I don’t have to be screaming down the highway so long as I am getting good mileage. It helps if I can do both. One of the most overlooked areas in regards to upgrades for Mustangs is the headlights. I recently stumbled upon one of my favorite after market Mustang parts. The LED headlight has changed the way I look at visibility.

For a long time now, the top dog for headlight upgrades has been the HID kit. It is time for them to move over and make way for the new king. LAD lights are extremely efficient and beautiful. I can say with the utmost confidence that there are no bulbs or lighting instruments on the market that make better use of electricity than LED lights. There is a reason that they are often billed as the greenest lighting solution. Good LEDs are hundreds of times more efficient than standard bulbs.

The second area where LED lights have an advantage over more common bulbs is their working life. LED lights will remain functioning at high efficiency much longer than any other bulb or lighting instrument. This means that you will be replacing your headlights less often. Truth be told, if you buy LED headlights you will be replacing most of your ther Mustang parts well before you ever have to think about your headlights. Happily, you can also get LED replacements for all of the lights on your Mustang and you don’t need any special adapters or special technical knowledge to make the change. Just install them as you would a normal bulb and ride happy.

I really can’t suggest LED lights highly enough. I can promise that if you buy high quality LED headlights, you will not be disappointed in the least. The initial cost is a little higher, but that’s dropping every year and you end up saving money in the long run because of their extremely long life.





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    Why I use LED Bulbs

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