Retrobuilt Shelby GT500CS Convertible

If you want the look of a classic Mustang with all the amenities of a modern pony car, then look no further than Retrobuilt. A couple years ago the Missouri-based company released their 1969 Mustang Fastback conversion, mixing the underpinnings and drivetrain of the current S197 Mustang with the styling of the legendary Boss 302. Now they have followed that up with their newest offering, the 1969 Shelby GT500CS Convertible. The new model goes the same route as Retrobuilt’s previous cars, except this time the exterior is based on the design of the 1969 Shelby GT500. In fact, the company has even gone so far as to score a licensing deal with Shelby so that they can use the name.

So what’s included with the 1969 Shelby GT500CS Convertible package? To begin a donor car is needed, which can be any 2005 to current Mustang Convertible. That means you can use anything from an older Mustang to V6 to the current 5.0-liter Mustang GT. Theoretically you could also use a Shelby GT500, but we can’t imagine many customers dissecting Ford’s flagship Mustang. From there Retrobuilt replaces all the exterior bodywork on the car except the doors with new fiberglass body panels and adds plenty of little details like retro chrome trim, door handles and taillight covers. Also included are custom HID headlights, vinyl striping and a Shelby wheel and tire package. A racing option is also available that includes performance-oriented items like a supercharger system, Baer brakes, lowered suspension and more.

You can see Retrobuilt’s 1969 Shelby GT500CS Convertible in more detail in the gallery below.

Retrobuilt Shelby GT500CS Convertible 02-retrobuilt-shelby-gt500cs-convertible 03-retrobuilt-shelby-gt500cs-convertible 04-retrobuilt-shelby-gt500cs-convertible 05-retrobuilt-shelby-gt500cs-convertible 06-retrobuilt-shelby-gt500cs-convertible 07-retrobuilt-shelby-gt500cs-convertible 08-retrobuilt-shelby-gt500cs-convertible 09-retrobuilt-shelby-gt500cs-convertible 10-retrobuilt-shelby-gt500cs-convertible 11-retrobuilt-shelby-gt500cs-convertible 12-retrobuilt-shelby-gt500cs-convertible 13-retrobuilt-shelby-gt500cs-convertible 14-retrobuilt-shelby-gt500cs-convertible 15-retrobuilt-shelby-gt500cs-convertible 16-retrobuilt-shelby-gt500cs-convertible 17-retrobuilt-shelby-gt500cs-convertible 18-retrobuilt-shelby-gt500cs-convertible 19-retrobuilt-shelby-gt500cs-convertible 20-retrobuilt-shelby-gt500cs-convertible 21-retrobuilt-shelby-gt500cs-convertible 22-retrobuilt-shelby-gt500cs-convertible 23-retrobuilt-shelby-gt500cs-convertible 24-retrobuilt-shelby-gt500cs-convertible 25-retrobuilt-shelby-gt500cs-convertible 26-retrobuilt-shelby-gt500cs-convertible 27-retrobuilt-shelby-gt500cs-convertible 28-retrobuilt-shelby-gt500cs-convertible 29-retrobuilt-shelby-gt500cs-convertible 30-retrobuilt-shelby-gt500cs-convertible 31-retrobuilt-shelby-gt500cs-convertible 32-retrobuilt-shelby-gt500cs-convertible

[Source: Retrobuilt]

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