May 2012 Ford Mustang Sales

The Ford Mustang had its highest sales month in nearly four years with dealerships selling 10,427 units in the month of May. The number represents a 33.7% increase compared to last month’s sales (7,801) and a 57.8% increase compared to sales from May of last year (6,607). This is also the first time Mustang sales have surpassed the 10,000 mark since May of 2010, and we have to go back to July of 2008 to find a better month when Ford racked up 10,711 Mustangs sales.

The strong sales in May are part of an overall sales increase for 2012. To date, Ford has sold 38,361 Mustangs, a 27.0% increase compared to this same time last year (30,206).

You can see 2012 vs 2011 Ford Mustang sales in the chart below.

Ford Mustang May 2012 Sales Chart

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