Cervinis Stalker Mustang

Cervinis offers a variety of body kits for the Ford Mustang, with perhaps their most famous being the Stalker package. The company offers the kit for Mustangs going back to 1993, and now they can include the 2010-2012 Mustang in that list. The comprehensive eleven-piece kit, part #9051, includes a hood, front bumper, upper and lower billet grilles, side skirts, window scoops, rear bumper, trunk filler and rear wing. The front bumper is also available in three variations with the lower outside grilles offered in open, divided,  or with LED lighting (pictured above). All openings also include matte black aluminum perforated screens.

Cervinis lists the price for the Stalker body kit at $2,499.99, although individual pieces are available if you can’t afford or don’t want the entire package.

You can see the Cervinis Stalker body kit for the 2010-2012 Mustang in the gallery below.

Cervinis Stalker Mustang 02-cervinis-stalker-mustang 03-cervinis-stalker-mustang 04-cervinis-stalker-mustang 05-cervinis-stalker-mustang 06-cervinis-stalker-mustang 07-cervinis-stalker-mustang 08-cervinis-stalker-mustang 09-cervinis-stalker-mustang 10-cervinis-stalker-mustang

[Source: Cervinis]

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