2013 Shelby GT500 at the drag strip

Following up on their previous videos introducing you to the SVT engineering team, giving an inside look at the testing at the Nardo Ring in Germany and showing off the 2013 Shelby GT500′s launch control system, the most recent footage released by Ford displays the 661 horsepower Mustang’s capabilities at the Speedworld 1/4 mile drag strip near the company’s proving grounds in Arizona. In a way the video is a continuation of the explanation of the new launch control system used on the car, but it also provides more details about how it works on different surfaces and an actual demonstration on track.

So what sort of times did the SVT team achieve at the track? Ford lists their best 1/4 mile time of 11.82 seconds and a trap speed of more than 125 mph, although this number is actually on the conservative side as magazines like Motor Trend have already achieved times as low as 11.6 seconds at 126 mph. Plus, when tuners like Evolution Performance gets their hands on the car, the numbers get even more impressive.

You can see the 2013 Shelby GT500 in action at the drag strip in the video below.

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