The Vintage Air climate systems have been quite popular for some time now. Though not being content with this the team have have recently made some great improvements for their whole range of systems not least oh which is their new fully electronic microprocessor control system.

The new microprocessor system now ensures you no longer require cables or vacuum connections and Vintage Air say all of this helps to deliver what they call “just right temperatures” and dehumidified defrost.

Here’s the full overview:

- Fully electronic operation – No cables or vacuum controls
- Kit includes Electronic Cable Converters™ Converts Factory Controls to electronic operation- Micro-processor controlled coil temperature monitor. No capillary tube to install!
- Separate high capacity heat and cool coils
- Aluminum plate/fin A/C coil (most efficient evaporator design available)
- Copper/brass parallel flow heater coil
- Blend air door for instant temperature adjustment
- Infinite dash/floor air blend (in most applications)
- Infinite defrost / floor air blend with dedicated defrost option
- Steel firewall cover plate
- All Gen IV systems allow for optional smooth firewall configuration (must use modified hose kit)
- Positive shut off solenoid operated heater control valve in max A/C


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