Ring Brothers 1965 Mustang Producer

A 1965 Ford Mustang nicknamed “Producer” and built by the Ring Brothers has claimed the title of the 2012 Goodguys Optima Batteries Street Machine of the Year award. The car, which debuted at SEMA last year, is owned by Pennsylvania’s Gary Bowers who drove off with the top award at the Goodguys 15th PPG Nationals in Columbus, Ohio.

Well known for their ability to transform Mustang’s into modern masterpieces, the Ring Brothers have set the bar even higher with Bowers ’65 Mustang. The body was widened an incredible four inches, highlighted by the custom BASF orange paint, and both the hood and roof are carbon-fiber – signature Ring Brothers touches. Under the hood is high compression Keith Craft-built 427 cubic inch stroker based on the 351 Windsor small block making 740 crank horsepower. The matte finish three-piece wheels designed by the Ring Brothers were built by Forgeline. Baer brakes, Afco shocks and a suspension consisting of front tubular A-arms and a Watts link set up in the rear give the car razor sharp handling. The car gets its name from Bowers’ Waynesburg, Pennsylvania based Producer Supply Company.

For his victory in Columbus Bowers will receive a customized toolbox from Snap-on as well as travel accommodations to the Goodguys 15th Southwest Nationals November 16-18 to exhibit in the “Champions Arena.”

The top five finalists for the Goodguys 2012 Optima Batteries Street machine of the Year award were Dave Leisinger, Wall Lake, SD  (1971 Camaro), Dana Irvin, Cypress, TX (1965 Mustang), Steve Keefer, Brentwood, CA  (1969 Camaro) and Dale Boesch, Humphrey, NE (1969 Camaro) and Gary Bowers, Waynesburg, PA (1965 Mustang).

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