1965 Shelby GT350R

RM’s annual classic car auction in Monterey, CA features some of the most desirable European sports cars in the world, but some vintage American Muscle will also up crossing the block. One that especially caught our eye is this 1965 Shelby GT350R race car, one of just 36 produced and one of the most valuable Shelby Mustangs of all time.

A hardcore track version of the GT350, R models were stripped of all unnecessary components including the headliner, carpets, upholstery, rear seats, sound deadening and insulation, and plexiglass side and rear windows were installed to reduce weight. Each GT350R was also fitted with a quick-fill 34 gallon fuel tank, single racing seat, four-point roll cage and a six-gauge instrument cluster. Under the hood the 289ci V8 was completely disassembled, balanced and blueprinted, and cylinder heads were ported and polished. Other necessary items for racing were added as well, including a large three-core radiator, external oil cooler, front brake cooling ducts and 5-spoke American Racing wheels wrapped with Goodyear race tires. The GT350R won its very first SCCA with Ken Miles behind the wheel, and Shelby went on to win the B/Production championship in 1965. Just 36 1965 Shelby GT350R race cars were produced including one prototype.

This particular example is one of the most impressive we’ve ever seen, with much of the car in its original condition including the engine, transmission, plexiglass and wheels, and less than 4,900 miles are on the odometer.

Like us, you probably can’t afford this very special Shelby Mustang, but you can enjoy the huge batch of high resolution photos provided by RM in the gallery below.

  • One of only 36 R models
  • Owned and raced by its first owner, Richard Jordan, for 21 years
  • Extraordinarily original, down to the original Plexiglas and racing wheels
  • Offered from a prominent private collection
  • Documented in the Shelby American World Registry
  • Original Shelby American paperwork
  • Less than 4,900 original miles on the original engine and transmission
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[Source: RM Auctions, Images: Darin Schnabel]

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